We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto!

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto! Or London for that matter. No, today I am hailing from the seaside town of Southend (in Essex) which is where I grew up and where my family still live.

I came down last night for a charity quiz night, dragging the boyfriend and one of our other friends (Harry) along with me. And guess what?

Hell, yeah – OUR TEAM  WON! 😀 😀

We rocked it hard and winning felt pretty damn awesome! I felt kinda bad though as my Mum helped organise it and was on our team – I hope it didn’t look fixed?! An old guy on the team next to us chirped up that we’d been using our phones to cheat but it was just Harry sending sweet nothings to his ladyfriend. Aww.

The other reason for our visit was to admire the new kitchen in my parent’s house, and to enjoy one of my Mum’s divine roast dinners. Alas, the place is still looking like a bombsite and the kitchen is still half-finished – the builders are 2 weeks behind schedule! 😦

Cleo is not impressed by the mess!

We spent our Sunday morning wandering along the beach as it was an absolutely beautiful morning! The tide was in, the sun was shining and there was barely a cloud in the sky. Plenty of people were taking advantage and having a relaxing stroll. It’s incredible how different the air is in comparison to London – it was cold and fresh and tangy with salt. I miss it already!

We even found an alien in the sand!

After the walk came lunch. Oh my! We had a cavery roast at the local pub. Sadly my phone was running low on battery so I’m lacking photographic evidence but trust me, the food was devilishly delicious. The portion sizes were criminally large… 😈  Truly immense. I had turkey and beef, all the trimmings and heaps of veggies… and I’ll be honest, I did pig out and overeat. Social situations = more into my mouth.

Over-eating is significant for me. As I was writing this, I got a little side-tracked and I have now decided to post separately about the issue that came up. You can read it here.

The afternoon involved some retail therapy at the ever-wonderful Primark (Primarni… it’s like Armarni, geddit? 😆 ). I got a cardigan for wearing to my hospital placements, a new hoodie and a boring-but-useful long-sleeved top for wearing underneath things now the weather is colder. I have to say, I love shopping for home wares even more than clothes. I picked up these ADORABLE snowflake cookie cutters! I also got a piping syringe for decorating cakes and cookies and some proper old fashioned butter toffee.

I can’t wait to get baking some snowflake vanilla sugar cookies for Christmas! What’s your favourite kind of retail therapy? Has anyone bought any great winter items yet?

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2 Responses to We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto!

  1. Maria says:

    Well done on the pub quiz – pity to hear the people on the other table were such sore losers!! I love shopping, especially for new utensils for the kitchen, it never ceases to amaze me what random things they feel people need (I mean, an electric fork spinner, really? ) haha. Ooo… I look forward to seeing some lovely snowflake shaped cookies with fancy icing very soon !
    Love Maria xox

    PS. OH MY GOSH… I just noticed the alien thing. i used to be sooo obsessed with them, at my primary school we used to try and “mate” them. haha how silly we were.

    • Haha, tell me about it! You can get all sorts of crazy gimmicks for your kitchen now. Isn’t that fork spinner thing supposed to be twirling spaghetti or something? Bizzare!
      Those alien things are pretty crazy too… I remember the craze and how everyone used to say they’d have babies somehow? Hilarious now I look back…

      Thanks for the congrats! Pooh to the moaning guy, we were the ones who walked off with a bottle of wine each 😈
      Cookies coming to a blog near you soon! xxx

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