A Foodie Recap

Ooops, a couple of days behind now. Fortunately I can give a snappy run down of the best bits of my food – there’s not much else to tell as I’ve been feeling pretty off since early Tuesday morning, thanks to the female parts of my body hating me (I won’t elaborate… TMI! Suffice to say it hurrrrts).

Yesterday morning I mooched in bed feeling sorry for myself, before making a slightly extravagant cooked breakfast: 2 slices of toasted white crusty bread,  a slice of bacon, a fried egg and a million sautéed mushrooms and some red onions. Oh, and a baby leaf salad. I know fried eggs have a bad rep, but thanks to my incredible non-stick cookware I only need the tiniest bit of EVOO. So no heart attacks here, I hope.

I went in to the hospital to go to a meeting, only to discover it had been rescheduled, starting half an hour before I arrived. So I cut my losses and went home to bed again! I got reacquainted with Meredith & Co., catching up a bit on Grey’s Anatomy – would you believe I’m still back on season 3?! Shocking, I know. Lunch/snack was a green & purple medley – sugar snap peas/celery sticks/cucumber wedges and 2 plums/beetroot (which inspired my beetroot-lovin’ post!) – and hummous, to dip, of course.

Dinner was uninspired (& I don’t want to cram this post too full of photos) – I wanted comfort food so I settled for chicken & veggies in honey & mustard ‘Chicken Tonight’ sauce, with steamed broccoli and a baked potato.

Breakfast for bears..

My appetite was still struggling today, so breakfast was a rather small affair; just some Bear Fruit Nibbles (Cherry Berry). Lunch was some Pad Thai noodles… BIG MISTAKE. They were the microwave-in-box type & I grabbed them in a hurry as I left the house. I felt SO bloated and ill afterward… when I cut out processed carbs for a few days I really notice the effects when I start eating them again, eugh.

And this is what I spent my evening doing…

Yes. Ironing. The world’s most exciting chore!! NOT. I hate ironing, with a passion. I think it stems from doing my neighbour’s ironing to earn some extra cash when I was younger. I spent too many hours of my life trying not to burn her kid’s fiddly little toddler-sized clothes! So my favourite tactic for slogging through that? MOVIETIME. 😀

I just got the Sex and the City movie on DVD, so that helped pass the time nicely. What’s your favourite/least favourite chore? How do you motivate yourself to get down to it?

After that I figured dinner was well and truly earned and conveniently James had just made some smoked fish chowder, and boy oh boy… probably the nicest soup I’ve ever tasted. And it takes a lot for me to admit that to James of all people (gotta love a good bit of household rivalry 😉 )I’ve kidnapped the recipe and will post it soon! It’s too good to keep to myself. In keeping with the SATC theme, I had my serving out of a martini glass! It’s not quite a Cosmo, but it was just as yummy… That was followed by a stripy salad!! I really love my ridged griddle pan. It was a gift from my grandparents and it makes mah food so pretty. 🙂 And what constitutes a stripy salad, I hear you ask? Well..

  • leafy bits – iceburg, baby spinach, rocket, lambs lettuce, baby romaine + fresh chopped herbs (mint, coriander, parsley)
  • crunchy bits – red cabbage, grated carrot, cucumber chunks
  • hot bits – baby plum tomatoes (cooked in the griddle-pan)
  • stripy bits – halloumi cheese, slices of plum (also griddled)
  • saucy bits – dressing of balsamic vinegar, olive oil & lemon juice

First time I’ve ever used cooked fruit in a salad… where has it been all my life?! The combination of sweet hot plum and salty hot halloumi was OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD. I had the boy try some and he’s begging me to make it for him at the weekend. And he’s not usually even the remotest bit interested in what I’m cooking. Score!

I promise tomorrow will hold more interesting tales, as I’m going to attempt to make some of Katie’s legendary “Fudge Babies”, but to the tune of raw gingerbread. But now, at 2.55am, it’s off to enjoy the fruits of my labour – an immaculate bed!

I don’t usually bother ironing my bedsheets, but since I had the iron set up I figured I might as well. My Mum always irons bedsheets and gets cranky when they’re wrinkly. Do you iron your bedding? Or anything else odd? (Your underwear perhaps? 😛)

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