Oh rats! ;)

Cute photo alert!

Meet Burton, a.k.a Burtie/Bertie. He is one of my 2 pet rats. Along with being ridiculously cute he also has epilepsy, which is fairly rare in rats. Here he is chilling in my hood, recovering after having a seizure. 😦 Poor little guy.  (Although Allin said he looked happy as pie to be riding around with me – he likes a fuss being made of him!) Are there any other rat-momma’s out there? Or are you a little shy around such critters? I know their tails freak a lot of people out…

Aside from the rattie cuteness and epic foodz, today has been uneventful. Study study study. Although I did learn a new and completely random fact: the sperm of a fly measures 5cm if you unravel the cell itself (apparently it’s all twisty to make it teeny tiny compact). This has nothing to do with my medical training whatsoever, and more to do with the boy watching Q.I. this evening 😆

Eats for the day… I slept in this morning and breakfast happened around midday… but it was worth the wait; I took the plunge and tried pumpkin pie oats! I steamed some pumpkin and added the mashed up pulp to my oatmeal along with vanilla, spices and a sprinkle of brown sugar. I’m so used to my oatmeal being uber-sweet (I’m a die-hard vanilla/brown sugar gal) that at first I didn’t think I liked this combo! But it grew on me the more I ate. I think next time I need a bit more cinnamon in the mix. I was quite delighted at how much more filling and substantial the addition of the pumpkin made the meal. Thumbs up!

My next meal (can you still call it lunch at 4.45pm?!) was some prawn, tuna & veg sushi grabbed on the fly from Tesco. I had a handful of red grapes, 4 medjool dates and a gingerbread man.

I ate these while I enjoyed a leisurely 3.6 mile walk home from the hospital – I’m bummed my phone had died so I couldn’t get any photos of the beautiful sunset. It was one of those stunning blue sky & fluffy pink cloud sunsets. About half way home my hips and knees began aching badly; something I’m used to due to Joint Hypermobility Syndrome. It doesn’t limit me much or cause many problems but I am more prone to dislocating/subluxing my shoulders & hips, and my hips & knees are sensitive to high impact activities. On the plus side, it makes me a natural at yoga and yeah, I can bend my elbows backwards. 😉

One of the places I walked past on my journey was this boutiquey little coffee shop/bakery, aptly named Loafing. I would love to spend some time loafing around in there! I saw all the treats in the window and couldn’t resist – I got a couple of gingerbread men for Allin and myself and at the last moment spotted a plate of chocolate florentines, so grabbed one of those too (they are one of my greatest weaknesses). They had all kinds of delights, including gluten-free brownies which I’m destined to go back to try… What are your bakery favourites?

When I got home I had great plans for studying. They didn’t materialise – I napped instead! I’ve been tired lately, I think due to poor quality sleep. Last night involved a nightmare in which I murdered someone and tried to hide the body. WTF?! I’m pretty sure I don’t have subconcious serial killer urges! Traumatising! Epecially since I’ve never been one to get nightmares, up until the last couple of months. 😦 Cheer me up with stories of your NICE dreams?

So, chirpier things… dinner! I bought these nifty sounding high fibre pitta breads from The Food Doctor brand and was eager to try pitta bread pizzas with them. Deciding I’d fit more toppings on if I split the pitta, I discovered that one side was nice ‘n’ thick and the other… well, a wee bit skinny. Still, it didn’t stop me trying to pile it high with a ridiculous quantity of toppings!

  • tomato puree on the base
  • red onion slivers
  • quartered baby plum tomatoes
  • tiny chunks of zucchini
  • slices of mushroom
  • bits of red pepper
  • rings of green olive
  • drizzle of garlic & chilli oil from the olive marinade
  • dollops of light philly cream cheese
  • crumbles of halloumi
  • sprinkles of mature cheddar

Et voila!

Definitely hit the spot! I was surprised how full I was after eating both slices, I would have been happy without halving the pitta (and won’t next time, the skinny side was rather precarious to handle and kept threatening to buckle under the weight of the toppings!). A while after dinner I scoffed down my delectable chocolate florentine… it was the perfect consistency for a florentine, crunchy but chewy! I can never get homemade ones just right. This clearly calls for more practise. 😉

And once again I’m up way past my bedtime, so I’d better wrap it up. I didn’t get round to making the Fudge Babies this evening but those dates won’t escape their fate for much longer…

p.s. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures in this post, my camera has given out on me… it needs a recharge!

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2 Responses to Oh rats! ;)

  1. Maria says:

    Those pitta pizzas look winners – A personal favourite of mine I must say. What spices did you use in your pumpkin oats, I never know what to use lol. Hope the hospital went ok, my friend has that hypermobility thing aswell 😦 Glad to see you’ve got some scrummy eats, keep it up 🙂 xxx

    • Pitta pizzas are super, right?! I could eat them all day…
      I used cloves, cinnamon, ginger, allspice and nutmeg, in varying quantities. From this little trial run I’d say for 1 bowl use a tiny bit (like, 1/16 of a teaspoon) of cloves, a little more allspice, quarter teaspoon of nutmeg, half of ginger and maybe half of cinammon? But then it depends on your personal taste! I love ginger but I expect most people would think that’s too much.
      Hypermobility does suck a bit – I didn’t even know I had it until last year! As I was growing up the aches and pains were dismissed as ‘growing pains’ and it’s only recently they took me seriously, lol.
      Thanks for visiting! 😀

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