Thank God It’s Friday!! To be honest, I’ve had a bit of a rough week… which explains why it’s been so quiet round here *watches tumbleweed blow through* 😆 . Monday and Wednesday I did nothing. And I mean nothing. I lay in bed, sleeping and crying. I started this blog when I realised depression was creeping up on me again and I hoped to ward it off a bit. Yeah, things don’t really work like that. So I’ve made appointments with my doctor and a therapist for next week and have just been trying to make it to the weekend in one piece! But it’s Friday now! *sigh of relief*

Fortunately for the sake of any readers out there, I haven’t just mooched in bed feeling sorry for myself. On Tuesday I got myself a mini indoor herb garden – get this – 50p per pot of each of these herbs at Asda… as you can see from the stickers still attached! BARGAINS! I was so chuffed that despite having my hands full (I took Bailey to the vet for his respiratory infection) I couldn’t resist getting four of my favourites – basil, chives, coriander (cilantro), flat-leaf parsley. What’s your favourite herb? (Or even your least favourite?)


It’s harder to find the motivation to eat right when quite frankly I’d rather not eat at all – my appetite was nearly non-existent this week! But that’s where this blog has helped. That and having a kitchen stocked full of yummy eats! So here are a few of the dishes I did prepare:


Seeded breadcrumb wild salmon steak plus stir-fry veggies in soy & manuka honey glaze, with omega sprinkle and cashew nuts.



Gooey omelette with cheddar, mozzarella, vine tomatoes & basil. I added a handful of spinach, rocket & watercress salad to the middle before I flipped it over and served it with a few herby steamed new potatoes.


And today’s brunch! Bagel pizza! Topped with pasta sauce/salsa, zucchini, tomatoes, mozzarella, cheddar and basil. DIVINE! Add some cranberry juice to drink and that alone made it worth getting up this morning. Winking smile

Another feature of today:


A pair of ugly shoes? YES!


I would be!

Today is ward round day, a.k.a ugly shoes day. Ward round means we stand around for 2 – 4 hours discussing all the patients on the ward, occasionally going to talk to them or reviewing their recent x-rays, bloods, other labs etc. It is not kind on the feet! So it calls for the ugly shoes, which also happen to be the most comfortable pair of vaguely smart-looking shoes I own. They are my saviour on days like this. Do you have a pair of ‘ugly shoes’? Or some other item that you’d normally hate to wear but your work calls for it?

If I spend any more time blogging, I’m going to be late for said ward round. So I leave you with a gem from Tuesday – Bailey having a bath before we went to the vets for his antibiotics. Here he is, hating every minute!


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2 Responses to TGIF!

  1. Really sorry to hear about your rubbish week; puts what I thought as my nightmare day at work into perspective a bit…
    Lots of best wishes and hope the weekend is better xx

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