Getting festive!

Wow, can you believe it? We’re almost a week into November already! The red cups have arrived at Starbucks and shops everywhere are telling us to ‘buy now for Christmas!’ – sooooo… it’s not too early to start making snowflake sugar cookies, right? :D Are you getting into the festive spirit yet? Started Christmas shopping? What are your ‘red cup’ drink recommendations?

Christmas is only 49 days away, and so far as I’m concerned it’s NEVER too early to make snowflake cookies. I made the cookie dough today, but I have once again encountered my cookie nemesis –  the dough is too sticky to roll out. This happened last time I tried making cookies. I’m going to leave the dough to chill overnight and then try again in the morning. I would just add more flour but I’ve run out. D’oh!


But who cares if the end product doesn’t turn out right.. the best part is licking the spoon!

But before we get overly excited about cookies or Christmas, there is something else to be looking forward to…


Perhaps stating the obvious, but in the UK, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving… unless you happen to be visiting/have emigrated from somewhere that does.

So what am I talking about?

Well, I reckon everyone should have a Thanksgiving!

Sure, we don’t have the whole Pilgrim Fathers thing to be celebrating (or commiserating, depending on your stance) there are plenty of reasons to be thankful, and I think we can all benefit from taking a day to acknowledge these things and spend time with friends and family. :) And eat roast turkey. Always happy to eat more turkey! So tomorrow (we couldn’t wait until the end of November!) our ‘house’ – that is, Allin, James and I – are getting together to cook a meal and be thankful for each other and all the great things we have in our lives. And turkey.


The menu is a surprise until tomorrow, but here is James being all organised and preparing his course (dessert) in advance!

I think we often forget how lucky we are… I know I take things fore granted all the time, and really, every day should be thanksgiving! Now matter how bad things are going or how blue we feel, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. A ‘Gratitude List’ is a tool I’ve found helpful when dealing with depression, and I think it’s quite useful for anyone regardless of how they feel. Basically you write out 5 things you’re grateful for. You do this every day and you’re not allowed to repeat the same thing 2 days in a row. It’s simple, but effective. So here is my gratitude list for today:

  1. Living in a free and peaceful country. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live in a warzone or area of oppression and I’m grateful that I have the freedom to wear what I please, go out when I want, eat what I like, drink clean water, speak my mind, vote, have an education, be treated as an equal and to go about my daily living without fear.
  2. My family. I am so grateful that my family are all alive and healthy. I am grateful that we are so close and that my parents raised me to be the person I am today.
  3. Music, and the ability to hear. Right now I’m listening to a piece by Ludovico Einaudi (The Snow Prelude No. 15). I’ve never listened to it before but I am a bit fan of his composing. As I sit here I realise how much it would suck if I couldn’t enjoy music.
  4. Technology. I know that I would find more time to appreciate other things in life without my computer, the internet, my mobile phone, the TV… but then again, these contraptions make so many things possible that were previously impossible. I can talk to my friends at the push of a button, I have a world of knowledge at my fingertips, I can watch movies and laugh or cry, I can blog and share my thoughts with you all. It’s pretty incredible.
  5. My bed. I have one, and it’s from IKEA. It’s not made of cardboard or a the remains of a wet mouldy blanket. It’s not under a bridge or tucked into a shop door. No one comes to wake me up to rob me or kick me or move me along. It’s warm and comfortable and it looks nice. I don’t share it with four of my siblings or any nasty creepy crawlies. I don’t have to leave it before sunrise just to fetch water or beg for food.

What’s on your Gratitude List today?

p.s. What do you think of the new header? I wanted to incorporate my lovely fresh herb collection in there somehow and this is how it turned out! I don’t think it’ll be around for too long though, a festive edition is bound to pop up soon ;)

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2 Responses to Getting festive!

  1. Beth says:

    Loved your gratitude list. I would add the wonderful books I read that can transport me to a totally different place.

    • Totally! The world would be a much more miserable place without books! Technology is great, but there’s nothing like the feel of a real (and preferably old) book in your hands. 🙂

      Thank you for commenting, Beth!


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