Hold on to your tastebuds, ladies & gents!

Allow me to set the scene… it’s 8am, it’s grey and it’s raining. You’ve reluctantly left your other half blissfully sleeping in the warmth of your bed. As you leave the house your key gets stuck in the door as you’re trying to lock up. You swear and struggle, eventually getting it locked and then realise your umbrella is on the wrong side of the frickin’ door! As you decide to go back for it, you realise you’re already running late. Your trip to the train station involves running through puddles and dodging commuters, most of whom refuse to budge or glare angrily. You arrive out of breath, just as the train pulls up.

Sucky start to the day? Yeah. But you know what?


It gets a hell of a lot better when you collapse onto a seat on the train and pull out a delightful snowflake vanilla sugar cookie!


Om nom nom, a little piece of heaven. 😀

Yes, it is time for the *happy dance of cookie joy* because, ladies (and gentlemen)… with a little bit of flour and a lot of luck, the snowflake cookies were a success! I finally finished making them at about 10.30pm last night. I am SO thrilled that these turned out well; I have such a love affair with festive-themed baking! I used my new cookie cutters and new icing syringe. The syringe was a bit tricky to get the hang of, but I’m getting better already. I can’t wait to perfect them!

I was going to post our Thanksgiving foodz, wasn’t I? It didn’t turn out all that photogenic though, so here are the highlights:


Butternut, bacon, apple & sage soup. Allin isn’t much of a chef (he hates cooking!) but I was SO impressed by his yummy soup! He has won my heart with soup! 😉


Here, turkey turkey turkey…


Green bean casserole (from scratch, no canned soup involved!). Apparently it’s a Thanksgiving classic, and I can see why… although it tastes better than it looks!


Honey roasted parsnips and carrots in the background… got a little more brûléed than I planned. 😳


And to round it all off, pumpkin butternut pie from scratch by James! This was AMAZING, you have no idea!

What will be on the menu for your Thanksgiving celebration? (I realise “real” Thanksgiving is a little way away, :lol:)

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