Make like a sheep and graze! *GIVEAWAY*

Despite the rainy start, my day has ended up pretty darn good. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I arrived home to see a graze box had landed on my door mat!

A whatnow?


A graze box! If you’re in the UK you might have heard of them already as they’ve been around for a while now..

The concept is simple – rather than reach for the chocolate and crisps at work (or home, or anywhere else) you get a box posted to you containing a random selection of 4 healthy treats! You can have them delivered as often or infrequently as your heart desires and each box normally costs £3.29. You rate the various punnets on offer according to how much you like the sound of them – love, like, willing to try or bin! – and they send you a selection of the ones you noted a preference for. You can always review your likes & dislikes so if you try something and hate it (or love it) you can let them know accordingly. Bloomin’ marvellous!

Some of the items on offer include:

  • nuts
  • dried and semi-dried fruit
  • seeds
  • mixes of all of the above!
  • marinated olives
  • focaccia (this is new!)
  • flapjacks
  • rice crackers
  • cacao beans
  • chocolate and yogurt coated items
  • chocolate buttons
  • … a total of over 100 different punnets!
  • … see photos below for examples!

salsa coated cashew nuts

“date to remember” (whole pitted dates)

“bento mix” (jumbo chilli maize, satay broad beans & wasabi peas)

“sweet as a nut” (frosted cashews, honey almonds & honey hazelnuts)

kalamata & amphissa olives with chilli & garlic

“himalayas & beyond” (pineapple pieces, goji berries & macadamia nuts)

If you’re in the UK…

The price may be a little steep if you’re watching the pennies, but I expect anyone who buys their lunch from a coffee shop or grabs a sandwich on the go is used to spending at least this much! However, the good news = if you’re in the UK, you can try one for FREE! Visit and enter the following code: DGZMBD2. You can get your first box for free!

Note: You do have to enter card details – this is to verify your name & address. They will then use it to charge for your second box, but if you remove your card details before your second box is dispatched this automatically cancels all subsequent boxes, so you only receive the first one, which was free. But I reckon you might not bother, because they’re that good! You also have complete control over how often you receive a box – I only get one every couple of weeks which keeps the cost down. 😉

If you’re in the UK, or anywhere else…

To celebrate my awesome day, I’m running a giveaway! Just comment on this post for a chance to win & for additional entries, comment on any of my posts between now and November 18th. On November 19th I’ll randomly select an entry to win. Simples! I will order a box on your behalf (taking into consideration your likes & dislikes) and then ship it on to you.*

Please feel free to link to this post – the more the merrier!

Ready, set, GO GRAZE!

* The fine print!
  1. I cannot guarantee you will receive stuff that you love – graze ask for your likes & dislikes and generate a random selection of punnets based on this. Many items are vegan but I will need to know from the winner what your dietary preferences (vegan/gluten-free etc.) are. But I’ll send an email to the winner requesting this at the time. Basically plz don’t be mad if you find something not exactly to your tastes 😛
  2. I will also endeavour to select items that keep long enough to be shipped abroad – the majority of punnets are good for several weeks/months (the main exclusions are olives, flapjacks and focaccia). If a punnet is received here that will not be suitable to ship on, I will substitute something in its place.
  3. If your country requires a customs declaration on food products, please let me know although I will try to research this myself when I know where I’m sending it to. Most places are OK so long as you’re sending it as a personal gift, so don’t let it put you off entering!
  4. This giveaway is not endorsed by or linked to graze in any official way. All products are funded by myself for the purposes of this blog.
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8 Responses to Make like a sheep and graze! *GIVEAWAY*

  1. Maria says:

    Heyy, omg they sound like such a good idea – defo signing up for this 🙂
    And count me in for the giveaway, I just can’t wait to try them haha. How have you been? Sorry I haven’t been commenting, i’ve had a lot of work on but your last few posts looked like you’ve been having a better time? I’m happy if thats true!! xxx

    • They’re really great! And at the moment as the only comment, I think you’re one step closer to getting one to nibble on 😉 Heehee!
      No worries about the comments, I’ve not been the best at keeping up myself! But yes, things are going a lot better. Thanks so much for asking 🙂
      Good luck with the giveaway! xxx

  2. Anna S. says:

    Wow! This looks really cool. I wonder if anywhere offers this in the states!

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  4. cbrady3 says:

    What a cool concept!!

  5. Aahaa, your comment swayed me! I’ve never heard of Graze, but now I have..this is my official entry comment 😛

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