Snow in England: outside and in!


As you may have gathered, snow is one of my favourite things!

I get SO excited when we get even the smallest sprinkling here in England. The snow came this week, with some pretty impressive amounts in some parts of the country. My corner of London didn’t get all that much, but it’s lasting a good few days. Now people have walked all over it, it’s packed and crunchy underfoot; one of my favourite sounds 🙂 I heard that people on Twitter were rating the snow in their area out of 10 – think I’d give ours a 5/10! How do you rate your snow? (If you have some, that is!)

I took a few snaps when it first came down but we’ve since had a bit more…




The week preceding the snow, I decided I was sick of waiting – the forecasters kept warning about the snow, but it hadn’t appeared yet.

So the boy and I went looking for some indoors!


We went on an adventure to Milton Keynes, to the indoor Xscape “Sno!Zone”, for some snowboarding action! It’s an indoor snow slope, 170 metres long, consisting of 1500 tonnes of real snow. Not quite a snowy alpine peak, but the next best thing right now! Only a couple of stealthy shots because…

  • The company take photos of people on the slope and sell them as souvenirs and get a bit shouty when people take DIY shots
  • I didn’t want to accidently fall on/drop my shiny new camera!




But enough to prove we went! 😉 I don’t post much about exercise because I’m kinda sporadic about getting it done – but this was definitely a work out! My thighs and calves started feeling it after a couple of hours and the next day I discovered some aching muscles in my shoulders and back that I should probably work on! I like to think of it as a stealth work out – so much fun you don’t even realise it’s exercise! Do have any activities you consider a stealth work out?

We had such a good time though, with the added bonus of running into some old friends from my old university snowsports club! It’s a small world 😀

Before we hit the slopes we chilled in a bar called Vodka Revolution, where we ate, drank and were silly! With a name like that you might have guessed they specialise in vodka? I didn’t drink but Allin tried a chilled shot of banana vodka, which he assured me was very good!









Then the story of the lady in the night…

We got back to London at nearly 1am as the trains were delayed, then had a bloomin’ freezing journey home on 2 buses. There was a brief interlude in our trip as a lady in a wheelchair asked me to call her an ambulance after we switched buses – she said she had hurt her back disembarking from ramp on the bus. She was fine for a couple of minutes while we were waiting and then all of a sudden said she was in pain… I wouldn’t have said she presented as an emergency, so I was a bit wary of calling an ambulance – it really irks me how often the service is abused as a taxi service. After a little while you get a feeling for distinguishing the genuine from those taking advantage of the system. But I figured it’s not my place to judge her problem (she obviously had a chronic condition if she was in a wheelchair) and she was alone at 2am in the cold. Turns out the ambulance crew recognised her as a ‘frequent flyer’ – I could go on about people who use ambulances for non-emergencies but that would make for a long and ranty post! I guess in the end I should be glad I could assist her as she clearly shouldn’t have been unaided in middle of the freezing night.

I have a lot more to update on, but I’ll leave that for the morning 🙂

Nighty night, I hope you all get some restful sleep and a nice lie-in this weekend!

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