Bye bye, my prickly friend..

DSC01879 DSC01881

I release the title suggests that perhaps I have recently lost a hedgehog. It’s not a hedgehog. Thursday evening’s entertainment, as alluded to in my last post, was the removal of the Christmas tree and all the decorations. Sad times 😦 I would love to have a Christmas tree all year round – that fresh pine smell of a real tree is just so lush! In 2007, I had a small tree in my bedroom, which stayed until it looked dead – sometime around late March! It was then transferred to our front garden (by which point the needles had turned a bright orange colour!) and stayed there until someone stole it (around May). But who would steal an orange Christmas tree in the middle of summer?! Beats me… clearly someone else liked it as much as I did!

The trail of needles this tree left on it’s way out was pretty impressive – I don’t know if you can tell from the photos. And guess which mug had the task of vacuuming them up? Yup, yours truly. (To be honest though, I’m a bit of a freak and quite enjoy vacuuming!) When do you take your decorations down?

Friday morning was just miserable. Rain rain and more rain! So it called for a breakfast both colourful and warming —

DSC01884 DSC01886

A bowl of sweet cinnamon Oats-So-Simple with some blueberries and this tasty vanilla sugar which I picked up in France, 3 clementines and a bunch of red grapes. The pinnacle of breakfasts!

I spent most of the day sorting out the junk that has accumulated in what is now my bedroom at my parent’s house. As I’m not here 90% of the time, stuff tends to find it’s way in there but never back out! Doesn’t make for very exciting blogging though, d’oh! Hopefully lunch will redeem me a little:



A very nice salad of beansprouts, spring onions, red pepper, cucumber and avocado – topped with ‘Lachlan’s Dressing’; a Caramelised Lemongrass creation that my brother made for us. It is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Whilst doing a ski season in Canada, my brother also did some chef training and picked up this recipe. Sadly he won’t share it for love nor money! Trust me, I’ve begged and begged. The amazing salad was accompanied by some fresh chicken soup by New Covent Garden Soup Co., with a handful of spinach chucked in. A very satisfying lunch indeed.

Dinner was wholemeal spaghetti topped with a bolognese sauce. My family are constantly bemused by my taking photos of everything, so I put the camera away for a while. As I was in charge of preparing dinner, it had twice as many vegetables in as usual – I very smugly made my 5-a-day goal of fruit and veg!

I’m sitting on the floor as I type this, and my leg has gone dead. Time to move!

Happy Saturday!


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