The Dawn of the Green Monster!

OK, so I’m pretty sure everyone who reads this will know exactly what a Green Monster is, and most will be frequent consumers. So y’all can all just laugh at me and my “first time”. And everyone else can just ponder the terribleness of the special effects in a cult horror flick named “Dawn of the Green Monster”. You just know it would be bad! LOL!

My wussy secret – I’ve put off trying one for MONTHS because I couldn’t understand the hype. They didn’t seem much different from other smoothies, and in my mind just aren’t worth the hassle most of the time! Using my smoothie maker and doing the washing-up is time consuming – and while the end result is nice – I could just as easy just eat the fruit in its natural state. Nice n’ simple, y’know?


BUT in the spirit of trying new things and making a positive start to the year, I diligently collected up the ingredients and got a-whizz-in’! Being a noob, I wasn’t sure of quantities so I just chucked stuff in willy-nilly:

  • apple juice
  • white grape juice
  • mango
  • banana
  • apricot
  • spinach
  • manuka honey
  • ice cubes

Chucking stuff in willy-nilly is all very well if you want to live off your GM for a week – I made well over a litre of the stuff!! Ooops, rookie error 🙂

Thankfully, my lovely dinosaurs was on hand to drink a (pint) glass. He said he really enjoyed it and could get used to drinking them on a regular basis, especially as he’s very active and could use the energy kick. I enjoyed it far more than I was expecting to – I’d been worried about the spinach taste, but it was barely recognisable and to be honest I think I preferred the hint of spinach rather than all fruit! Added a bit of je ne sais quoi!


So we’re going with high scores all round!! A definite verdict of: YUMM-O.
Now I’m looking forward to experimenting with some flavours…

How do you drink yours? 😉 What are your favourite blends or secret ingredients?

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4 Responses to The Dawn of the Green Monster!

  1. Spooky – I made my first one today, for the same reasons as you, and have half-written my post about it! Great minds…. 🙂

  2. I’ve never had a green monster either – it’s definitely on my to-do list very soon!

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