Life this week, and a goal for October!


Bah humbug: I’m sick! 😦 I have a scratchy throat and stuffed up nose, sad times! But it feels like my immune system is kicking some ass, so hopefully this is the first and last you’ll hear of that! *blows a raspberry at illness* 😛

  • It occurred to me that it’s been a while since I’ve updated on my actual day-to-day life. Since I’ve be taking time off school, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands – or so you’d think, right? It’s incredible how stuff just works it’s way into the week and suddenly there are things going on everyday!

I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist for my depression, and am in the process of finding a therapist (apparently shopping around is recommended!?). I’ve also had to see my GP, so the main time-stealing culprit seems to be appointments! I also had an interview for a part time retail assistant position at Fat Face. I thought it went well but I know they had a lot of applicants. Apparently I should hear by tomorrow… got my fingers crossed.

Of course there have been some fun things sneaking their way in; lots of socialising as my friend Helen came down to visit from Bristol, and dinner with Ant last week. It was also Allin’s birthday last week, so fun all round. I’ve been to see Tron and Black Swan at the movies – have you watched either? What did you think?

I was pleasantly surprised by Tron (A’s birthday choice) and really enjoyed the soundtrack – I get really into the energy of Daft Punk’s music. I listened to it non-stop at the gym yesterday.

WOAH, hold up! The gym?

Yup, you read it right. I’m beginning to take this exercise malarky more seriously! My (hypermobile and therefore painful) joints have calmed down recently and I’ve been finding it easier to exercise. I’ve been doing spin classes & cardio at the gym and yoga at home. Spinning kicks my butt and hopefully I’ll enjoy it more as I get fitter. I was pleased with my cardio stuff yesterday – 10km/25min on the stationary bike, 15 mins interval training on the elliptical, 5km/14mins on the recombinant bike and 2km on the treadmill (there was a reason for the treadmill – see below!)



Goal for 2011:

Yes, it’s running-oriented — I’ve signed up to run a 10k race in October!! SQUEE! 😀

My Dad used to be quite a hardcore runner, but since a foot injury and change of job, he has slipped into couch-potato ways. I was nagging him a bit about this, and he pointed out I’m not exactly a glowing example! So we’re running the Southend 10k Classic together. I’m quite excited about this because much as I love the *idea* of being a runner, making that a reality has never really happened. I’ve always relied on the fact that I was quite good at running cross country in school, so I shouldn’t have any problem starting running and building up. But… when my joints are bad I can’t even walk 5k without quite nasty pain, and this has stopped me in my tracks more times than I care to remember. Strengthening my muscles with exercise helps compensate for the joint instability but it’s a catch 22 when exercise starts out painful.

The good news is that every now and then I have good spells where the pain naturally decreases, and as this is the case right now, I intend to make use of it! It’s so great to have a goal and something that my Dad and I can bond over. 🙂 I’ve also decided to count it as one of my goals for 2011 – to complete the 10k in under 1hr 15mins.  I would really love if you can share any tips for beginners?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

In other news, I’ve had a lot of time to play with Bailey! It’s been a while since I mentioned the critter, hasn’t it? He’s romping around on my bed as I’m typing this. Hang on, let’s see if he’ll pose for a photo.


I resorted to using the last bit of juice my D-SLR had in it and then had to bribe him with a treat to stay still!

Yesterday he had a bath. He’s not impressed by water but I think he’s learning each time and kicks up less of a fuss. He came out so fluffy and white! I tried to take a photo then, but he wasn’t having any of it.

And finally, Almost finally, I’ve been slack on daily eats without my camera, but I decided yesterday that these poor quality phone photos are better than nothing:


Breakfast: green monster (banana, papaya, blueberry, mango, apple juice & protein powder) & blueberry pancakes with agave nectar.


Lunch-on-the-go: Reduced sushi (score!) and raw mangetout, green beans & broccoli


Snack: Mixed raisins! These Asda ones always have nice plump juicy varieties.


Post-work out dinner: 2x toasted oat & seed pita breads, cucumber sticks, yellow pepper strips, and more green beans & broccoli from lunch… avec organic hummus!

I couldn’t snap my post-work out snack as I ate it walking home in the dark! It was a Seed Stacked Flapjack, which I’d recently seen reviewed by Becky. I spotted them when I was grocery shopping and decided they’d be a worth a try. I had the original flavour since Becky had said it was her favourite, and it was pretty good, definitely living up to it’s name of ‘seed stacked’. If someone gave me one without telling me what it was I probably wouldn’t have described it as a flapjack, as the oats weren’t that noticeable, but the texture is quite similar to commercially produced flapjacks so I’ll forgive them! 😛 I’ve also just discovered that if you subscribe to Seed Stacked’s newsletter/product updates, they send you a free bar in the flavour of your choice! (UK residents only)

And finally, a most important question – if you had loads of time on your hands, how would you spend it?

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6 Responses to Life this week, and a goal for October!

  1. skinny latte says:

    YAY you!! A 10k race is a fabulous goal. It’s a great distance, one of my favourites to race. You’re going to love it!!

    You’ve got plenty of time so start slow and get your body used to running, but consistency seems to be the key (for me anyway!) – the more you practice the better you will be and the easier it will get 🙂

    If I had loads of time on my hands, I would:

    1) read all the books in my current reading pile
    2) train during the day rather than at 6am (I still can’t believe I got up that early)
    3) mend my clothes that need mending
    4) start putting a wedding album together (it’s been five months and I still haven’t done it!)
    5) put up all the archives on my blog (been meaning to do this for about 2 years)
    6) finish my novel!!!

    Have a great weekend xx

    • Eeeeee! Thank you! Consistency definitely seems to be key from what I’ve heard… also my biggest weakness, but that’s clearly part of the challenge!

      That’s a really productive list… I hope you can find some time to fit them in; particularly to move your training into the day a bit – you are super brave to be getting up that early! Superwoman!

      You have an awesome weekend too! xxx

  2. Miri says:

    Woo hoo! So excited for your 10K sign up! I’m not a professional runner by any means, but I have learned that the key to successful training and PRs is a good training plan (like It’s also important that you don’t run every day. Take days off and do other forms of exercise. I LOVED Yoga when I started to get shin pains training for my first 5K. It might help with your joint pains!

    Bailey is soooo cute! I want one!!

    If I had loads of time, I would read every book that ever interested me, run more often, spend more time with my best friends and family, and TRAVEL! 🙂

    ❤ Miri

    • Miri, thank you so much for your advice and that link! Brilliant! I love yoga anyway, just need to get around to doing it regularly – I did find it helped with the joint pain when I was consistent with my practice.
      Hehe, Bailey is a cutie isn’t he? Except when he chews my favourite possessions…
      Travelling is definitely a good call – I ought to try and incorporate more travel into my time off 🙂


  3. emily says:

    nice to meet you! glad you found my blog. 🙂
    hope you feel better soon, too!

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