I Gots A New Header!




Eccentric man pointing enthusiastically. It’s got to mean something…


Facelift time for sparkling snowflake! I love the digital scrapbook-y style that seems popular at the moment so decided to give it a shot myself. Whaddya think?

I intend to register a domain name for my blog in the coming months… but I’m quite torn. I have a great idea for a new blog name (and matching domain name), and I think it sums up the meaning of my blog much better; that is, it might be clearer to a new reader what I’m trying to achieve, whereas ‘sparkling snowflake’ sounds a bit… wishywashy, like I chose it because I’m a bit girly rather than the true meaning behind it.

However, I am quite attached to sparkling snowflake, and it’s what I’m known by. It would be a bit of a nightmare to get a matching domain too.

Decisions decisions….

What decisions did you have to make today?

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