Ladies and gentlemen, we now return to scheduled programming…

Dahhlings, dahhhlings… I’ve MISSED you so!

This week my internet connection decided it would rather be a llama. Llamas aren’t very good at technology so I’ve been offline for what feels like forever. In reality it only took a week to decide it made a rubbish llama, and thankfully decided to go back to doing what it does best – delivering me my beloved internet! 🙂 🙂



Haha, llamas look so ridiculous in a really cute way. Although I’ve heard they’re pretty grumpy in reality. I think I know a few people who were llamas in a previous life. 😉

OK, ENOUGH WITH THE LLAMA TALK. (Sorry, my friend just came back from touring South America, I have llamas on the brain)

So what have I been shoving in my cake-hole lately?


Ummm.. CAKE!

Yes! *gleeful* Only the most delicious cake in all the land! Hummingbird cupcakes, as made by Mummy-dearest. It was my birthday last week, and rather than have a big ol’ extravagant cake, I asked if she would make me some of her LEGENDARY Hummingbird cupcakes. They are the most amazing treat – they have carrot, banana, pineapple AND coconut in them. The result is a cupcake that’s could almost be described as juicy, takes like a tropical beach (minus the sand) AND contains fruit and vegetables! Yeah, I know. I can see you drooling!


I’m in the process of wheedling the recipe out of her so look out for it featuring in future Bakeday escapades.

Back on the subject of animals…. I was out taking some snaps the other day and realised that squirrels, they’re are kind of like rats with fluffier tails? Whaddya reckon?




Latest discovery: Bailey LOVES oatmeal with chia seeds!

For anyone concerned that the critter has climbed into the crockery and is licking it clean, I assure you everything gets thoroughly disinfected after he’s had his fun. For those of you concerned that there hasn’t been a photo of the oatmeal with chia seeds, this one is for you:


It’s not just oats & chia – ohhh no! –  it’s oats, chia seeds, rice milk, ginger chunks, glace cherries and cinnamon. And pistachio butter. That I forgot to add before the photo. Just as well really, it looks a bit like crusty pond slime. But I promise it doesn’t taste like crusty pond slime.


The pistachio butter was from a recent Whole Foods trip. I stocked up on dried stuff from the hoppers – I think it’s so great that you can just get the quantity you need rather than shelling out for huge great bags. I got allsorts. Red carmargue rice, aduki beans, chickpeas, green lentils, black beans & soy mince. I also got some dark maple syrup and some brown rice syrup. Tomorrow I plan to have my first ever bash at making black bean burgers, om nom nom.

Tomorrow I will also be shopping for my birthday gift from my parents – a pair of Vibram Five Fingers! 😀 I am SO stoked to be getting some. I think I will find running much more enjoyable with Vibrams, and I’m hoping the difference in running style will be good for my joints. Do you have a pair? Have you noticed a difference in your joints/technique/body?

I now have an official gym buddy too. We met at Boxercise last week and I’m excited to have someone to work out with, plus she’s super nice, which always helps 😉 Dinosaurs doesn’t count because he’s so ridiculously fit that I just look like an oversized puffing tomato next to him. So expect lots of gym related ramblings this coming week. I’m very happy to be adding more exercise to my life, even though I’ve found it hard to actually get my arse in gear and do it… but I’m gradually finding that I’m enjoying it for the endorphins and exercising for the sake of it, not just because it’s ‘the healthy thing to do’. And lookit, I even have myself an exercise schedule for this week:

Day Activity


Yoga class
Boxercise class


Core workout
4km run


Fix my bike & just go for a ride!


10km walk
Upper body workout


4km run
Yoga at home




Gym cardio workout
I also have a goal of blogging EVERY DAY next week. Gotta make up for lost time, right? 😉 What I do need is a good work-out playlist… with the exception of screamo and hardcore metal, I’ll listen to anything, so shoot your best tracks at me!
Any suggestions welcome, please!
And because I used the phrase ‘cake-hole’ earlier, I can’t get it out of my head. So I ask: what have YOU been shoving in your cake-hole recently? 😀
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4 Responses to Ladies and gentlemen, we now return to scheduled programming…

  1. Unfortunately I’ve not been stuffing much cake in there … I must eat more cake 🙂 Those hummingbird ones sound delicious!
    I hope your internet carries on behaving itself – I’d be so lost without mine!

  2. Your oats look DELICIOUS! Drooling… 😉
    I’ve been stuffing loadssss of delicious food in my cake hole… although coming to think of it, I’m thinking I need to stuff some actual cake in there! I might bake tomorrow 😉

  3. Hey Flo!
    Yes! Get some cake in your cake-hole! (LOL that sounds a bit dirrty somehow)
    If you don’t get around to it tomorrow, there’s always BAKEDAY. And by that I mean Friday, hehe.

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