Walk a mile–or eleven–in my shoes. Or my vibrams, if I had a pair.

Monday mornings are the only time you will ever see me voluntarily awake at 5.30am (grudgingly!). I have therapy at 7am, so it’s an early to start to the day. Yesterday was the exception, but only because I overslept. Actually, that makes it sound totally dramatic, when it really wasn’t – I overslept by a whole 20 minutes, so I didn’t miss anything, just had to catch a bus instead of walk!

I was a little bummed that I missed my early morning walk – it’s dark and quiet that time of the morning, and a couple of weeks ago the walk gave rise to some lovely pre-dawn photos of the canal and Limehouse Basin:



Are you a morning person?

After therapy and a gingerbread latte, my next task was to find some Vibram 5 Fingers to try on for fit before buying a pair. I walked around for aaaages looking for the stockist that the internetz told me was nearby. After wandering in circles for half an hour I consulted Google Maps on my iPhone and found the right place, only to discover they were closed. CLOSED! At 11am on a Monday. Unimpressed!

It did give me a chance to have a look around Spitalfields Market though. It’s rather lovely and I can’t believe I’ve not spent more time looking around, especially given how close I live. I discovered a Montezuma’s chocolate shop and got a bit excited, but it was also closed. There was also a boutique-y cute things-for-your-house shop, wherein I spotted the coolest dish drying rack. We have a drying rack so I had no excuse to buy it, but isn’t it a-freakin’-dorable?! I need this in my life!


I abandoned The Great Vibram Hunt and decided to treat myself to a new pair of gym pants. Got a bit carried away with the retail therapy and didn’t  have time to get back to the gym for the yoga class.  Oooopsie. But I did get some new clothes. 🙂 Nothing spectacular but 3 out of 5 items were on sale so I couldn’t resist!


As any girl knows, shopping is hard work, so I stopped by EAT. and had some Smoky Bacon & Lentil soup, which went down a treat. It was such a beautiful sunny day that I wanted to walk home by the river, through Wapping on the Thames Path. The signposting is a bit complicated in places and I got lost… only to emerge by a big Waitrose! 😀 Not such a bad detour! I got an avocado to go with dinner, and some Montezuma chocolate (I fancied some after gazing through the window of the closed shop) and a box of Rude Health Multigrain Thins. Look out for a review of these tomorrow!


Perhaps the photo gives it away, I may have nibbled a bit of the Peruvian Sea Salt bar on the way… 

All in all, by the time I got home I’d walked 12.8 km. Then I pretty much turned around and went back out again and ran 2.5km to the gym to make it in time for BOXERCISE! I was totally beat by the end of the class and went looking for a snack while Allin stayed for the Capoeira class. On leaving the gym, I managed to trip down the stairs and twist my ankle! D’oh. Then i realised I’d left my cash at home too, so I mooched around feeling sorry for myself and icing my ankle until the boy was finished his class. The hobble home took my total distance covered to just under 18km! Not feeling so bad about missing yoga now! 😛

Dinner was a vegan black bean burger on a toasted wholegrain seeded bun with cheese, mashed avocado, sautéed mushrooms, a hefty slice of tomato and some lambs lettuce. OMG IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Where have these burgers ‘bean’ all my life? 😉 I think I almost prefer them to regular beef burgers…. and that is saying A LOT.




I didn’t follow a recipe but made them as I would normally make beef burgers but using black beans (obviously!) and a chia egg. There were more ingredients and method to the madness so I’ll post a recipe tomorrow (in the meantime, Angela has a recipe here). The combination of accompaniments in the bun:

hot mushrooms, melted cheese + cold avocado, tomato & lettuce = W.I.N.

A burger plus an episode of Friends is highly recommended as a good distraction from the pain of hurt ankle.

I hope your week got off to a good start! Did you get up to anything fun? Oooh, and what are your favourite things to add in with burgers?

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5 Responses to Walk a mile–or eleven–in my shoes. Or my vibrams, if I had a pair.

  1. dang! what an active day!!!!!! i love spitalfields!!!! ive only ever been once, but must go again!

  2. I love spitalfields and the Montezuma shop is amazing – it’s a shame it was closed!
    The burger looks great 🙂 Chilli sauce is a must in my burgers.

  3. The yoga gear is cute!

    Its bad, I’ve lived a relatively short distance from London my entire life (even lived there for a very short time!), yet never explored anything other than the main touristy bits! Spitalfields market sounds good, though – next time I go, I’ll make sure to explore!

  4. emily says:

    sounds like a fun shopping trip! sorry about your ankle, though…hope it’s feeling better!

  5. Mmm that burger looks delicious!
    And is that the thames?! 🙂

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