Rude Health Multigrain Thins Review + Croatia and Pancakes!

More gorgeous sunshine today! One of my absolute favourite things is waking up to sunshine pouring through my curtains. As curtains, the IKEA ones that came with my bedroom completely fail. They don’t keep light out. But on a morning like this, it’s totally worth it! I like nothing better than to laze in bed, half-asleep in the sunny warmth, knowing that when I get up I’ll be greeted with a beautiful day ahead. 🙂 Awww.

Unfortunately, lazing around has it’s downsides, like forgetting about a doctor’s appointment. I had to haul ass out of bed and run to campus on my still-ouchie ankle. I arrived all sweaty and unshowered: ewww. My GP was running late too so luckily I had a bit of time to cool down before I saw her. I’ve switched meds because the last lot weren’t making very much difference and I’m kind of on a deadline – I need to be in a mentally fit state to return to uni by July(ish) so I’m cleared for a September start. If I’m not… well, I don’t like to think about that!!

I just typed out a paragraph explaining what it’s like having all this time off to myself. How most people would think it’s great to not work and do as they please, but in reality – for me at least – it’s different and almost depressing in it’s own right. It turned in to a bit of a whine, so instead I deleted it and had a quick online search for a part-time job. I found a position that sounds PERFECT, and knocked off an e-mail application with my CV. It’s better to be pro-active than mooch, right? I don’t want to jinx it so I won’t go into detail unless I get the job! Cross your fingers and toes for me please? 😉

So where was I? Yes, the running. And the meds. My day was quite simple after that – I came home, ate (tried out the Rude Health Multigrain Thins, check out the review below)and then did something very out of character! I got it into my head that I wanted to see 30 Seconds To Mars play another gig. Ant took me to see them at the O2 back in November and it was a really energetic performance. So I looked to see where they might be playing, and discovered they are doing a one-day festival in Croatia in June. Very spur of the moment, but I decided to go!


The flights are booked, I’ve researched the city (Zagreb) and hopefully roped in a couple of people to share the experience with. This is SO COOL! I don’t often make spontaneous holiday plans, but why the hell not?! Have you ever gone abroad on the spur of the moment?

With all the jumping around and planning adventures, I nearly forgot that it was PANCAKE DAY! Allin and decided that pancakes for breakfast were a cop-out because they’re not exactly a rare occurrence round here, so we had them in the evening. Savoury pancakes have never really been my thing, so dinner was a duplicate of yesterday’s black bean burgers and pancakes were dessert! We made thinner crepe style pancakes, topped simply with sugar & lemon juice (pancake purists, we are). My flipping attempts were successful (I’ve always been a natural tosser ;)) but Dinosaurs… not so much!


 DSC03336  DSC03356



And now, without further ado – A REVIEW!

(Oh rhyme, how  you amuse me!)



In the shop…

The blurb on the box tells us that these are:

    Organic puffed corn, rice, buckwheat, quinoa, millet & sea salt snacks. No artificial anythings.

    Thinnish. Roundish. Moreish.
    Amazing. You take five organic grains from small organic farms. You puff ‘em up and then you round ‘em off with a little sea salt. The result is a delightfully sophisticated snack, the perfect foil for canapés among special friends. Or possible just for snaffling on your own, with the least pang of guilt.

I got them from Waitrose for £1.49.

In the box….

So firstly, appearance, because sometimes we can’t help but judge a snack by it’s packaging! These come in a simple card box with an inner plastic film bag containing the 160g of thins. The outer appearance of the box is of natural brown cardboard with a coloured print including eyecatching orange branding and some happy looking people on pogo-sticks! There is no info on the box about the materials used but the website claims that the cardboard used in their cereal packaging is recycled (guessing/hoping the same applies to these!).

Several of the snacks are visible through windows in the packaging, so you have a good idea of the size. I didn’t count exactly, but 160g is about 20 snacks.

I discovered a drawback when I came to seal the pack – the plastic sleeve that the thins are in is very easy to tear, and I ended up with a large rip down the side necessitating transfer to a little sealable bag. Should you have better luck with the plastic, Rude Health include a little wire tie to seal the plastic and keep the snacks fresh.


On the plate…

Each one is a closely uniform size and thickness – a similar diameter but half the thickness to most snack cakes available out there. As you can see, they have a variety of distinct looking grains but overall a lot of yellow corn as the most common ingredient. They feel light and dry and actually took more pressure to snap than you might expect.

On their own, they look quite unappetising but the box has suggestions on the back of how to eat them –

“Sophisticated: with mascarpone and chopped figs”
”Rustic: with organic goats cheese and piccalilli”
”Silly: by trying to get whole ones into our mouths unbroken”

Due to lack of ingredients, the only one of the these I tried was the last one… and yes it is possible! 😉

In my mouth…

I opted first to top mine with mashed avocado & garlic. This was a delicious choice and the thins had a really impressive crunch. This was one of the most outstanding features of the snacks – they aren’t overly chewy/cardboardy like many plain rice cakes are. The taste of the snacks is a bit more nutty and wholesome tasting than similar items, but still quite bland if eaten plain. The sea salt is noticeable but not overpowering. I did find that one of them snapped mid-bite, sending avocado down the front of my shirt, but that’s probably an occupational hazard! They were very more-ish and I polished off 3 topped in this way.


Trying to get a little more creative, I added tomato chutney, lambs lettuce and crumbled cheddar to another thin. The snack remained crunchy, despite the liquid content of the chutney. After 4 of the multigrain thins I was beginning to feel quite sated – a definite selling point as often snacks like this aren’t very satisfying and leave you hungry.


There is no suggestion of sweeter toppings, but I dipped one in dark chocolate and it was very nice. I imagine any nut butter would also compliment the flavour.

In my tummy…

Nutrition-wise, the box proudly touts benefits: gluten-free, low fat, high fibre, wholegrain and non-GM.

The ingredients are nice and simple: corn, brown rice, millet, buckwheat, quinoa and sea salt. Each thin contains 28 calories (373 cal/100g), 6g of complex carbohydrates, 0.6g of protein, 0.1g of fat and 0.5g of fibre. Imagining that you might easily eat 3 or 4 of these in a sitting, the fibre content does start to add up, making these a good wholegrain choice. 4 thins would total 112 calories so they are a good choice if looking for a low calorie snack, if you’re sensible with the toppings.


If you’re a fan of rice cakes and similar snacks, these are a great choice. If you’re not, they probably aren’t enough to convert you. However, they are slightly more flavoursome and satisfying. In the grand scheme of snacks, they are very healthy but you have to be mindful of the toppings you add.

GOOD POINTS: good crunchy texture, more filling than your average rice cake, wholegrain & high fibre.

BAD POINTS: packaging tricky to reseal, tendency to break as you bite them, bit expensive in comparison to similar products (but probably worth it).


Has anyone else tried these? Got any good alternative snack recommendations?

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4 Responses to Rude Health Multigrain Thins Review + Croatia and Pancakes!

  1. It sounds like you had a productive day with applying for a job and deciding to go abroad! I’ve not been to Croatia, but it’s definitely up there on my list of places I really want to visit.
    Thanks for the review. I’m not a huge fan of rice cakes – I find them a bit cardboardy. I’m more of a traditional ryvita person, and I also love oatcakes. Plus, you’ve just reminded me that I have an avocado somewhere that needs eating 🙂

  2. oo these rice cakes sounds yum!!! i havent had rice cakes in ages!! i jst never kno what to do with them! OMG THATs awesome!! i love spur of th emoment people and decisions!! sounds like a blast!

  3. Ooh, Croatia sounds exciting! I’ve seen 30 Seconds To Mars a few times, and have found them to be a pretty mixed bag – sometimes they’ve blown me away, other times I’ve left disappointed. I hope they’re amazing for you!

  4. I ‘m not a huge fan of rice cakes, I prefer the flavoured ones, but I never really top them with anything, so maybe thats where I’m going wrong!

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