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Life this week, and a goal for October!

*sniffles* Bah humbug: I’m sick! 😦 I have a scratchy throat and stuffed up nose, sad times! But it feels like my immune system is kicking some ass, so hopefully this is the first and last you’ll hear of that! … Continue reading

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The Highs and Lows of Halloween

I would rather start on the high points of this Halloween weekend just gone, but unfortunately the most significant event was also the most sombre. 😦 Do you recall Burt, the rat I introduced in my last post? Well.. he is no … Continue reading

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Oh rats! ;)

Cute photo alert! Meet Burton, a.k.a Burtie/Bertie. He is one of my 2 pet rats. Along with being ridiculously cute he also has epilepsy, which is fairly rare in rats. Here he is chilling in my hood, recovering after having … Continue reading

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